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The Abundant You.
The Inventor You.
The Creative You.
Everything You Desire You can have.

Tap Into This Infinite Potential by unleashing the REAL YOU.

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It’s Never Too Late To Become Who You Are Meant To Be…

Maybe you grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot, or an inventor, or an artist, or a musician.
Maybe you still do. Maybe you dreamt of somehow changing the world, or becoming so rich and successful that you know you and your loved ones would live a life abundant in wealth, and never had to worry about money or health. So what happened to all those dreams?

The same thing that always happens.


As you grew older, you started to conform to the norms that society puts on you and had to live in what they call the “real world.” You were told to “stop daydreaming” by your teachers, or “be realistic” by your parents. Bills started rolling in, responsibilities piled up, and before you knew it, your childhood dreams were little more than dust in the wind.

But open your mind for just a few minutes…

And just imagine, that somewhere out there in the deep vastness of your mind, there is another version of you who didn’t give up on those dreams…

WHO is telling you that it’s too late to turn them into a reality?

This Secret Is Something That Virtually All The Greatest People Have Used To Succeed, Whether They Knew It Or Not…

This secret changes everything, once you discover it.

And the secret is this: within you exists all the resources you could ever need.

It is a living, thinking archive of potential called your subconscious mind, and it is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

This hidden, mysterious aspect of your mind stores and retrieves an almost infinite amount of data. In fact, studies say that by the time you reach the age of 21, you’ve already permanently stored more than 100 times the contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica in your subconscious.

What this means is that…


When You Tap Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, You Can Unlock Your Own Unlimited Potential


Just imagine an internal vault of omniscient creativity that you can access at any time…

Insights and intuitive answers to any question that your curiosity can possibly conjure up…

Even inner resources that can alter mood, esteem, and confidence… All resting there, within you, waiting to be tapped into at any time. But your subconscious mind is more powerful than just storing knowledge and resources…

It can also search for new knowledge and resources within you, and around you. Information and emotional wisdom that would normally take hundreds of lifetimes to collect…

That you can access at any time, when you discover the truth about your subconscious mind.

The truth that once you let go of  your limiting beliefs you are an unstoppable force of nature

Here’s What Balanced Thinking Will Do For You:


What your mind can conceive, it can achieve. So, if you’re
wondering what you can do, it could really be … ANYTHING!


Relationships-150x1501. Relationships

Find the partner of your dreams… even if all this time you just
haven’t been able to meet the right one and you stopped believing in

Improve your relationships with family and friends… no matter how
challenging they are (and even if you haven’t spoken to them in years).



Abundance-150x1502. Abundance and Success

Get the confidence for the job you’ve always wanted… even if you
have missed opportunities in the past and stopped believing in yourself
(and NO, you’re NEVER too old!).

Find out the quickest, easiest way to attract wealth… even if you’ve
never been much of a money magnet. You can still start your own
business, even if you’ve been an employee all your life.



3. Health and Well-being

Alleviate some health problems by jumping into a healthy version of you – absorb that energy and bring it back to here and now.

Never feel old again… even if you fall sick just a bit too often;
you’re about to discover that energy healing works like an amazing
rejuvenating and revitalizing elixir of life.



Growth-150x1504. Growth and Intuition

Understand your past – even if you never knew what really happened –
and clear up your emotional and energetic blockages, so you can be
truly free to make the most out of the future.

Discover what really makes you happy… even if you’ve always felt confused about your life purpose and everyday passions.



Skills-150x1505. Skill Learning

Master a skill like painting, writing, or dancing… even if you’ve
never found the time or inclination to take it all the way. Do anything you set your mind to. Set and accomplish any goal.

Learn French, Spanish, German, or any new language… even if you’re still struggling with certain English words.

…and that my friend, is just the tip of the iceberg. 

I am… Romy

Speaker | Facilitator | Reiki Master | Kinesiologist | Firewalk Instructor | Survivor

Speaker | Facilitator | Reiki Master | Kinesiologist | Firewalk Instructor | Survivor

A little about I and what it means to have started  Balanced Thinking.

My journey has been unexpected, sometimes daunting, often uncertain but always fulfilling!

In my pursuit of a successful career and the ambition to achieve goals, I was diagnosed with a debilitating condition in 2000 and that’s when I found myself questioning, “What else is there?” There has to be more……

With a thirst for wanting to find more information and something to make it easier to understand the condition and live an easy full life, I started courses on Reiki and Aura readings which proved to be  significant at that time in my life.

Learning Reiki and how energy works led to understanding the Mind, Body & Spirit connection. If everything is energy then what we think about ourselves, what goes on around us – in relationships and the world must mean something.

In 2001 is when Malcolm became a VERY significant part of my life; we were friends for many years and this is when the energy shift in me became more prominent. My life  became better and my relationships with family and friends improved.

My interest in holistic health has grown in depth and experience since I started this journey in 2000.

I was given the opportunity to register a company in August 2014 while  I was still employed in the Corporate sector  and I thought that it would be a good idea. Little did I know that in January 2015 I would be told that  I am being retrenched  & much to my delight and the absolute shock on the Directors face when I let out an exclamation of joy and “Oh, Yes Please”.

The power of the  Universe is  amazing once you put  out what you want &  it listens and sometimes you may need a kick or else it will just whisper. You need to pay attention and you will set you on the right path.

I am a Reiki Healer,  a Certified Theta Healer, a Kinesiology Weight Loss Practitioner and a  Certified Fire Walk Instructor which I firmly believe are assets in supporting myself, my practise and ultimately YOU; to guide but more ESPECIALLY, to empower you in YOUR personal journey and growth.

I would be delighted and honoured to chat with you about how I can support and empower you in your journey to Balanced Thinking.

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