What is Holistic Healing?

1.      Holistic comes from the word “whole” and considers the whole person, not just the condition or symptom that is being presented. 2.      Holistic Healing Therapy is an art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit 3.      Holistic Healing Therapy aims at balancing the energy system and healing […]

How Healing Emotions Affects Physical Health

From a holistic viewpoint, when you experience physical dis-ease, it is always beneficial to explore your emotional and mental states along with symptoms manifesting in the body. Your mind and body are intimately connected and affect each other continually. When you feel anxious or stressed, you say you have butterflies in your stomach or your stomach turns […]

Our thoughts shape us

“We are shaped by what gains our attention and occupies our thoughts. Today, amidst all of the conditioning to the contrary, we need constant reminders of our higher nature, and that is why spiritual reading can be very helpful. The media drown us in such a low image of the human being that it is […]

The Unconscious Need for Failure

The threat of failure is an evolutionary driver that has been used to motivate us forward since time began. It motivated our ancestors into developing higher functioning biology such as a cerebral cortex. This gave us higher consciousness, a profound expression of creativity and an aware expression of the divine.  Today many of us are […]