Do you feel that you are in the driving seat of your life? Or more like a passenger just going along for the ride? Whichever it is it is never too late to reclaim your personal power and put yourself firmly back in the driver’s seat. Being in your power is being your true authentic self, expressing your uniqueness, being in tune with yourself and making no apologies for what you want or who you are.
Do you realize how powerful you really are?

When you first think of the word power, what do you think of? Unconditional love? A strong force? Dominance? Power has been something that has been utilized or abused for so long that it can easy to forget that it is something valuable that actually resides within each of us and that we all have a right to stand in our own power.

This personal power is not an aggressive or controlling type of power, which is fear based. It is our own unique light, our ability be authentic, true to ourselves, to be willing to take 100% responsibility for our own life and choices, allowing us to respond to life in line with own inner guidance. Personal power involves awareness, be consciously present and engaged with our experiences whilst recognising and acknowledging our own worth in each and every moment. It’s to understand, acknowledge, value and appreciate everything that is you, every part of you without judgement. To truly accept who you and what you want completely, without making any apologies to anyone for who you are or you’re choices.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”
by Marianne Williamson

We are all made of energy, the same energy, love and light. We are meant to be our own unique authentic selves. There is nothing to be gained from shrinking and hiding so that other people will not feel insecure around us. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we free ourselves from our own fears, it allows others to be set free too.

Time to step into our power

We have not lived in such an exciting time for many generations, where we have more choices, more equal rights, more access to information and more freedom than ever before. It’s not that long ago that people were punished for thinking differently or being diverse. But during these past eras of fear based control and power struggles, we seem to have built up a fear of power, even our own power. I believe we are already stepping into new era when it perfect timing to release those old collective fears about power and step into our own light and proudly let it shine.

Ways we give away our personal power

The first step is reclaiming your power is recognizing where you are giving it away. We give our power away in variety of ways. But there are steps we can take to become aware of these behaviours and change them into new ones that empower us, rather than disempower. We are always using our own power, the question is whether we are using it in ways that empower or dis-empower us.

How we give power away and how we can reclaim it

When we resist and fight against problems, they drain us as we are literally giving our energy to the battle.

The more allow ourselves to accept what we cannot change and change what we can, this allows us to go with the flow.

When we allow fears and anxieties to rule, they take over

Challenging and overcoming fears empowers us to become stronger

Withdrawing from situations, hoping that things will just work out, giving our power to what we are running from.

Facing a situation and dealing with it allows you to be, act as you want and stand in your power whilst doing so.

Avoiding action can cause us to feel stuck and robs us of our power to act.

Taking decisions and or action allows us to use our power in the way we choose.


When we doubt ourselves we are dis-empowering ourselves.

As we develop more belief and acceptance of ourselves our personal power does too.

Feeling victimized
If we feel like a victim then are giving our power to another.

Being willing to take 100% responsibility for ourselves and our lives is much more empowering.

When we put pressure on ourselves and the world to be perfect, we are robbing ourselves of the power to be happy.

Learning to love, accept, value and appreciate ourselves is one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves.

People Pleasing
This comes from a core belief that we have to pleas others, be a certain way to be loved. When we live others expectations, not our own we feel unhappy

As we learn to be true to ourselves, clearly saying who and how we are, we are standing in our power. None else can live your life for you, it is yours to choose.

Negative Self talk (inner critic)
This chips away at our own inner self, depleting our energy, happiness and power

As we start to change self-talk to be encouraging and supportive, we can step into our own power again.

Toxic Relationships
When we allow ourselves to put up with toxic behaviours in relationships (work, love) we are giving our power to that person

Developing clear boundaries about what is acceptable and ok for you to tolerate and what is not reclaims your power.

However it is done, manipulation has the soul purpose of taking our energy (power)

Setting healthy boundaries and standing up for ourselves, our thoughts, feelings reclaims this.

Putting happiness outside yourself

When you say “Il be happy when I’m thinner or I have more money, or I have a loving relationship” you are robbing yourself of the power to be happy by making it dependent on something outside yourself

Decide to be happy NOW, reclaim your power to be happy. Thinking of all the things you are grateful for grateful for can help to shift your focus

Exercise to reclaim your power

1. Sit or lie down, make yourself comfortable and take a few deep breaths in to relax.

2. Ask your body what percentage your personal power is at, notice what number pops into your mind.

2. Imagine a circle a little distance ahead of you, surround this circle with whatever you choose to create a circle of safety. (it may be trees, angels, light, etc)

3. In the circle visualize placing the people and/or situations that have made you feel drained or taken your power lately (if visualizing them as they are is difficult just let them be a blob or shape instead.) They are in the centre of the circle and are shrunk to much smaller than normal, muted and fixed there unable to get up and move around.

4. Imagine stepping into the circle and as you do you become a bit taller, as you walk around the outer edge of the circle, see all the power and energy that you had given away to these people and situations becoming a bright light as it is returned to you. Each time some more of your power flows back into you feel taller, more complete while the people and situations in the centre become smaller and less and less significant. By the time you have walked around the whole circle you are giant and filled with light.

5. Stand in the doorway and say to very tiny collection in the centre of the circle “you have lost your power over me.” And see them disappear.

6. Step out of the circle, filled with light and imagine sitting or lying back into your original comfortable position.

7. Once again ask your body and mind what percentage your personal power is at now, notice what number pops in your mind now. Notice how you feel.

8. Gently bring your awareness back to the here and now and open your eyes.

Theta Healing exercise to reclaim your power

1. Connect with Creator using the Theta Healing technique.
2. Clear fears about power, having power, being in your power, abuse of power (powerful/powerless).
3. Download creators highest definition, understanding and perspective of power and that yours is the same as creators. that your safe and fully deserving and worthy of having/being in your power. The power of unconditional love and light.
4. Once these are complete, command that all the power that you have given away be cleansed and returned to you in the highest and best way.
5. Download that you know how to use your power in the highest and best way.

The power is within you

You have an amazing power within you, you can choose to acknowledge it or allow it to be drained, by yourself, others and situations. But it is it your birth right, it is the love and light of creation, being expressed uniquely as you. You are always using your power, but how are you using it? To empower yourself, your life, your dreams? Or are you so powerful that you dis-empowering yourself? It is always there and you can start reclaiming it at any time.

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