Aligning your inner purpose with your outer purpose

seven_stonesFinding and living in alignment with your inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose.

Do you know what your inner purpose is?

If not, why not start doing some exploring.

When I was reflecting on this quote, here’s what I did. Join me now.

Write at the top of a piece of paper: What is my inner purpose?

Then answer in as many different ways as you can. Don’t worry about being right or wrong, or whether some of what comes out seems silly. Your answers can be deeper or more light-hearted. Just let it flow!

Here’s my brainstorm:

  • To Awaken
  • To live in alignment
  • To express who I am
  • To make meaning of my life and my experiences
  • To contribute to the world in meaningful and purposeful ways
  • To explore
  • To experiment
  • To LOVE
  • To experience joy
  • To adventure
  • To create
  • To express joy
  • To fully accept who I am
  • To receive
  • To generate abundance
  • To give back
  • To engage fully in life

Next, ask: What would true success look and sound like for me?

Write down your answers. Of course this will evolve and change as you do. Suspend judgment and write down what comes.

Here’s what I came up with in my own journalling:

  • Using my time in purposeful and meaningful ways to progress my vision
  • An aligned, joyful, beautiful life full of love
  • An aligned, prosperous and growing business
  • Stepping into greater leadership
  • Stepping up
  • Saying YES

How did you go?

Feel free to share!


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