The Unconscious Need for Failure


The threat of failure is an evolutionary driver that has been used to motivate us forward since time began. It motivated our ancestors into developing higher functioning biology such as a cerebral cortex. This gave us higher consciousness, a profound expression of creativity and an aware expression of the divine. 

Today many of us are still motivated to evolve because of a fear of failure. Many of us have become dependent upon failure. We have a love hate relationship with this energy. We all say we hate failure and yet we are constantly dancing with it. Be it in relationships, or in the work place or even through attempts to make resolutions we live with that constant fear of failure.

Failure is an irruption into nothingness and gives us the sudden reminder of the fragility of our beingness. It is in this moment that the fear of failure becomes a blessing in disguise. This lurking, constant threat tends to keep us humble.

Websters New World Dictionary defines the word humble as being low in condition and rank and to be without assertiveness and a lack of self-respect. Yet the term “humility” comes from the Latin word humilitas, a noun related to the adjective humilis, which may be translated as “humble”, but also as “grounded” and “from the earth.”

When we have a lack of self-respect, we feel worthless and tend to look for ways to replace these feelings with hubris and arrogance. And this gives us a false sense of power. Consequently we then suffer from a very poor adjustment to existence; we compulsively behave as though the world exists only for our sake. When carried to the extreme, we place ourselves like infants at the center of everything and expect the rest of the universe to be always at our service. We insatiably devour other species, denude the planet of life and fill it with trash.

As a ThetaHealer®, I belong to a group that connects to the energy that binds and intertwines all things in existence through the theta brain wave and thus communicate with this source intelligence. I was told by the energy of creation that until we know our greatness we can never know gratitude and it is through gratitude that we find the true meaning of humility. When we are able to understand the wonder and magnificence of living consciousness, our gratitude overflows and we can then touch the wellspring of our true nature. It is no accident that being full of greatness and being grateful sound similar. It is because until we understand our greatness, we can never really understand gratitude

Society seems to have tainted the meaning of gratitude to include the dictionary definition of humility to it. It is as if we need to be humble before we can allow ourselves to be grateful. But the truth is being grateful is to accept our greatness, and to be fully conscious of our connection to the energy of Creation. When this is possible, there is no need to depend on failure to motivate us forward, there is no need to worry about experiencing an emptiness or shame to be driven because we are in such a state of creation and passion that our own imagination drives us forward. At this point it becomes less about the contrast and more about a fascination with creation driven by a primal will to good.

These fundamental programs need to be adjusted for us to move out of the old primitive way of evolving and begin to take our development into higher levels of expression. ThetaHealing® is an excellent method for making these shifts into the expression of higher intelligence and will to good.

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