How to Enjoy Life – Advice From 10 Personal Development Experts

LifeThis past year, did you wake up re energized and eager to take on a new day? Or did you have to drag yourself out of bed completely uninspired?

If you need some inspiration, you’re in the right place. I reached out to some of the finest personal development experts out there and asked them:

What would your number one advice for enjoying life?

NeilPasricha“Mark on a calendar six completely unplugged weekends. No cell phones, no friends, no family, just you and someone you love going somewhere you haven’t been before. Your mind will naturally relax and tell you what’s important.”
– Neil Pasricha, 1000 Awesome Things


david_cain“Make it a lot more specific. Enjoyment of life is a side effect of your habits. It’s not something you can just “do.” Pick an existing habit to replace with a better habit, keep it to the single habit, and most importantly, don’t do it for January 1st!

New Year’s is the worst time to make a habit change, because you’re already expecting to fail, otherwise you wouldn’t be attracted to the supposed clean slate of the New Year. Define your change well and start it in the middle of the week, in December.”
– David Cain, Raptitude

TessMarshall“Shut off your electronics. Be present with others and make your relationships your number one priority.”
– Tess Marshall, The Bold Life



henrik_edberg“Focus on living more in the present moment. To be right here so you can truly appreciate the wonderful things that happen around you and to make the most of the special moments that we sometimes create and sometimes just come into our lives. Instead of spending too much time in your head reliving the past or imagining the future.

If you do that then, in my experience, you can miss out on enjoying a whole lot of the things that are happening in your life because you are too busy with the what happened or will happen. One simple way to reconnect with this present moment is to sit down, to take deep breaths with your belly and to just focus on the air going in and out. Nothing else. Do that for a minute or two to find focus and your way back to what is happening right now in your life.”
– Henrik Edberg, The Positivity Blog

monica_bourgeauYour life’s journey is uniquely your own, and you have your own wonderful talents and gifts to discover. If your goal is to enjoy life more, the first step is to create a crystal clear vision of how a joyous life looks to you.
Write it down: how does joy feel? What people are in your life (or not in your life?) What kind of work are you doing? What are you doing more of? less of? The more beautiful detail you can include, the better.

You can even create a vision board to help paint the picture. Once your vision is so clear you can actually taste it, work from there to put together specific steps to help get you there. Anytime you get discouraged or get off track, return to your vision.
– Monica Bourgeau, Life Ohm

alex-blackwellMy best advice would be not to get too excited about the high “highs” or too discouraged about the low “lows” but to enjoy life somewhere in the middle – a balanced approach keeps life in better perspective and more enjoyable.”
– Alex Blackwell, The Bridgemaker

phil_droletAsk yourself, “What is the one thing I could start doing or stop doing that would have the greatest positive impact on my life?”. And start doing that.Nothing else. Just that one thing for 30 days. Then ask the same question on February 1st. And so on.
– Phil Drolet, The Feel Good Lifestyle

dani-dipirroIf “enjoy life,” is your New Year’s resolution, the most important thing you can do is stay present.One of the things that gets in the way of enjoying life is thinking too much about the past or worrying too much about the future. The more you stay in the moment, the more enjoyable the moments become.
– Dani DiPirro, Positively Present

Vincent HQMy best suggestion would be to stop taking yourself so seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and at absurd situations. I used to take things seriously and the world seemed so dark. It felt like everyone was out to get me and that I could never do things right.

Learning to step back and breathe, be self-deprecating, and understanding that you don’t always have to be so rigid will make enjoying life 1,000 times easier. It has for me and although I’m not completely there yet (taking myself so seriously,) I’m a lot better about it than I was.
– Vincent Nguyen, Self Stairway

arvindThe best way to truly enjoy life is to see life as a game! Life then becomes an enjoyable game in which you fully take part – and it’s not about winning nor losing. It’s a game in which you play full out and give it your best shot. Every morning, when you wake up, jump out of bed and get ready for another full day of play!

Seeing life as a game allows you to see that it’s not about losing or failing, but all about consciously participating in life and giving it everything you’ve got. And by playing full out all the time in this game of life, you get to fully enjoy your life and you are always a winner!
rd-Arvind Devalia

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