5 Ways to Increase Your Mind Power Over Money

Manifest More by Increasing Your Mind Power Over Money

mind-power_OMTimesWhen it comes to manifesting the things you want, you like most people may have experienced what it is to have a manifesting block. No matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to manifest certain things. If you examine the things which you have successfully manifested against the things that you struggle to manifest you will notice that money has been the wall between you and those things you struggle to manifest.

We live in a reality where money plays a leading role in everything we do. You wake up every single day to go to a job you may or may not like simply to make money to get the things that you want. Your mind is programmed to believe that you can only have what you can get with money.

With that thinking your next obvious step would be try to manifest money in the hopes of being able to attract more of what you want. In that case once again you are met with another block.

Why is Manifesting Money so Hard?

We live in a reality that has programmed our minds to believe that money is hard to come by. We are also taught that we must work hard in order to manifest money. Most people believe that the job is the only channel through which money can come. Those rigid belief systems are buried so deeply in the mind, almost as computer programs that they make it near impossible to manifest money.

Here are five ways to get beyond this:

1.) Saturate your mind with new ways in which money could possibly enter your mind. Your reality is directly linked with what you would allow into your mind. If you cannot imagine a possible experience in your mind it won’t happen in reality. Just by allowing yourself to imagine the possibility of manifesting money in new ways will open the channel for it to happen.

2.) Eliminate the fear and anxiety that you have with money. Feelings of fear, doubt and anxiety create mental and psychic blocks between what you really want. If you have fear and anxiety about money that would mean that the images you are holding in your mind do not support the story of having money. Feelings of fear and anxiety are an indication that you have saturated your mind with lack of money, loss of money, poverty and all the things what would assure that you never manifest money again. Learn to let go of the fear and anxiety associated with money.

3.) Be ok with not having money. It is a mental trick that you have to master. The moment you can release your attachment to money the quicker you allow the spiritual flow to happen. Let your goal to manifest money became like a game of Monopoly. Have fun but do not let money control you.

4.) Reprogram your mind about money. Your mind is like a computer. You can achieve to the degree what is first programmed into your mind. The person who is able to manifest five thousand dollars ever month is able to do so because like a computer that person’s mind is programmed for that amount.

5.) Examine your money truth. Before you can manifest money you have to examine and expose your own money program. What has your relationship with money been? How do you feel about manifesting more money? Does this make you feel excited or anxious? How determined are you to achieve your goal and what are you willing to do to achieve it? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you can move forward. Once you tackle these five essential keys, you are then ready to open your mind to new levels and techniques that will skyrocket your manifesting success.

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