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We all strive daily to accomplish our set of goals while staying focused to the tasks at hand. However, have you stopped lately to think of what really drives you to keep going? Are you aware of what matters most to you in your daily struggle to achieve? Do you know they WHY factor?

Knowing what drives you to act can help you to accomplish your goals both personally and otherwise. Whatever your goal is you must be aware of the impetus that moves you to follow through on getting it done. If you are trying to lose weight, how do you maintain your drive? Do you focus on how you will look in your bathing suit or just staying healthy?

Depending on your goals, age and at what stage you are at in your life, the factors that motivate you will be different. However, we as humans are enticed by one or more of the following: Take a look and see which one(s) you can relate to.


  • Ambition
  • Money
  • Independence- To feel in charge of your own life
  • Security- job security, financial security, peace of mind
  • Status/Power/Prestige
  • Self-esteem/The good feeling you get after getting the task done
  • Opportunity to improve, to grow and become more capable.
  • Recognition and respect from others after a job well done.
  • Making a difference/ the feeling you get inside
  • You are competitive/ you have to feel that you are gaining ground and winning every time.
  • You have a point to prove
    Optimal Thinking

    Regardless of what keeps you enthusiastic and what moves you to take action, the bottom line is an intrinsic desire to be better, to achieve what you have defined for you as “being your best”. Whether your goal is to be a healthier person, be a better parent, or improve your business, you are striving for improvement in your personal or professional life.

    To be your best means that you endeavor to achieve optimal performance in your life. It requires optimal thinking, an empowering quality and a huge factor in staying driven. Optimal thinking does not only mean positive thinking. It means looking at the goal you have made for yourself and making the best possible choice to achieve it each time.

    For example if you have made a decision to stay healthy, each day you awake a level of consciousness should accompany you throughout the day to make the best choices in what you eat, what you drink, the kind of exercise you do, and the amount of sleep you get. It’s all about resetting your mind to choose the option of the highest level possible. This is how you achieve your personal best.

    When you can do this you are functioning at a higher level and your chances for keeping you level of motivation elevated are highly improved. Once you can function at this level, it is much more difficult to go back to a mediocre level of existence. Once you have experienced the optimal thinker within you the empowerment you feel will drive you to stay consistently enthusiastic and focused.

    Charting Your Progress

    So you have identified what drives you and you hunger to achieve your personal best. You have made the decision to make the best choices possible to attain this. However, you become distracted, discouraged, or as the days go by the challenges can become too intense. How do you stay focused? How do you allow your driving force to take over? One way to allow your driving force to be your guide and get you back on track is to chart your progress.

    Keeping abreast of your progress no matter how small it is can be encouragement in itself. As you look back to see how far you’ve come, you are subconsciously rewarding you for your accomplishments. Making a chart or writing it down so you can visually see it can give you the surge you need to regain your momentum. As you observe your progress ask yourself the following:

  • Do I feel proud of what I have done so far?
  • What have I leaned about me?
  • Have I overcome some real barriers to get to this point?
  • How do I handle challenges?
  • Am I ready to gain more ground?
  • How can I gain more tempo? Do I need to consult with an expert?Let’s face it, we are human and the tasks we set out to accomplish requires work. Work can be demanding and it’s not surprising that we sometimes abandon it for something that is less challenging or something that seems to be more fun. When this happens, have some fun and take a quick break but pay attention to your Progress Chart to refuel your driving force.

    Every task we undertake is a test of our motivation.

    Characteristics of The Motivated Person

    No one can truly drive you but you. Others can inspire, encourage and support you. Coaches/strategists can identify certain characteristics about you and custom design strategies to guide you into becoming enthusiastic. However, you are the one you can move you to act. This comes from inside of you.

    Knowing what excites you to act is the key to staying inspired. Once you have discovered your impetus, there are certain characteristics the driven individual must possess in order to stay focused and reach their goal. The motivated person carries a persona that reflects their drive that someone looking on can observe it.

    Below is a list of character traits the motivated person possesses:

  • Positive body language. An enthusiastic person carries a spring in their step and a look of optimism on their face. They are not hesitant.
  • Zest for life. This person is excited about the future and has definitive plans and goals.
  • Energetic. You seldom see an enthusiastic, driven person walking with a slouch. They are full of life and energizes the people around.
  • Determined. This person has a plan and nothing and no one can stand in his/her way.
  • Focused. The driven person is focused on their plan and is seldom distracted from it.
  • Persistent. This person will find a solution for most of the hurdles he/she encounters. They seldom allow obstacles to get in their way and keep going.
  • Faith. This person has faith. This faith allows them to be more optimistic and see the glass half full. Their faith allows them the ability to beleive not doubt and envision positive outcomes in their undertakings.
  • Confident. This person learns how to build their confidence. They recognize their shortcomings and seek help to compensate. They take a course if necessary, consult with an expert in the field they are pursuing or work with a strategist to get define objectives.
  • Knowledgeable. The driven person does the research and knows his/her game. They are versed in their field and is constantly striving to learn more.Do some self-examination today. Do you have the characteristics of a motivated person?

    Quotes on Motivation

  • “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.” – Andrew Carnegie
  • “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar
  • “One of the strongest characteristics of genius is the power of lighting its own fire.” – John W Foster
  • “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” – Wayne Dyer
  • “Motivation overcomes laziness, procrastination, fear and indecisiveness.” – Remez Sasson
  • “Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” – Bo Bennet
  • “Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal — a commitment to excellence — that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” – Mario Andretti
  • “You can motivate by fear. And you can motivate by reward. But both of these methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self-motivation.” – Homer Rice
  • “Motivation is the electrical power that activates the engine of success.”- Remez Sasson

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