Self-Esteem – The Key to True Love and More Money

This ancient Feng Shui secret can get you unstuck to pursue amazing opportunities in your life

Have you ever faced this scenario?

self-esteem_feng-shui_OMTimesYou run into a perfect stranger someplace — the grocery store, the park, while dining out with friends. And he’s everything you’ve ever imagined, and more. Physically, he’s exactly what you picture as your perfect love. You can tell from his smile and laugh, in that one brief moment that your lives touched, that he could be your soul mate. But you can’t act. You’re frozen in time, unable to smile or move. You head home wondering what could have been.

Have you often wondered what holds you back? Are you often afraid to approach someone you find attractive? Do you let a lack of self-esteem hurt you in other areas of your life, too? Maybe when it comes time to negotiate a raise, you sit with dread in front of your boss and take whatever he offers?

If these types of lost opportunities sound familiar, you’re not alone. Everyone has moments of self-doubt, but people who perceive themselves as successful plow past the voices that tell us they’re not good enough. Successful people — and when I say successful, I mean being able to accomplish anything you set out to achieve, depending on your priorities and your focus — never listen to that inner voice that says “You can’t…” They don’t listen to excuses and don’t put stock in the people who give them 20 different reasons why something can’t be done.

But how do you cultivate that kind of attitude?

Babies aren’t born with low self-esteem. Somewhere on our life’s journey, people say things that cause us to feel down about ourselves. Maybe parents call us names, say mean things, or teach us that “Children should be seen, not heard.” Maybe you had a teacher in elementary school who really hammered your self-confidence, to the point where you didn’t want to go to school anymore.


All these things, combined with the experiences we have as adults, where we go into situations already thinking we’re “not good enough,” can hold us back.Our environment, the items we choose to surround ourselves with, can reflect this but, more significantly, can contribute to feelings of low self-esteem, often without our realizing it. When you begin to make positive changes in your environment using Feng Shui, you’ll see a gradual shift in your attitude about yourself. The way you perceive yourself will change and, very quickly, the way others see you will change, too.

Soon, that raise in income, that romance, and everything else you want in life will be yours.


Does Your Home or Apartment “Reflect” Your True Self?

According to Feng Shui principles, the mirrors in our home can reflect our true image of ourselves. (Makes sense, doesn’t it?) For this reason, mirrors can be a huge culprit in low self-esteem. And a lack of self-esteem can hold you back in your job, your business, the friendships you choose, finding love … really, every area of your life can be negatively affected by a lack of self-confidence.

The good news is that Feng Shui provides a number of easy ways to make changes to your environment so that you can begin seeing yourself — quite literally — in a better light.


Follow these three tips for hanging mirrors in your home to boost your self-confidence and encourage success in romantic endeavors, careers, income and more.

1. Make sure mirrors don’t split or segment your reflection.

I recently consulted for a home-owner in a New York City suburb. Her home had mirrors that split her reflection in two (or more) all over the place. I wasn’t surprised when she revealed to me that she wanted to make more money but often felt uncomfortable charging higher rates in her business. Although she runs a successful business and has a happy marriage, she has never been confident in her business dealings or her family life, and she’d been feeling worse about herself since moving into her new home.

Her bathroom medicine cabinet had mirrored sliding doors, which divided her image in half every time she looked in that mirror. I recommended she switch it out for a medicine cabinet with a front that was one piece of solid glass.

While other mirrors in the home were harder to replace, I recommended that she take small steps as funds became available to make changes. She’s also beginning to take positive action in her business that can help change her self-perception while positioning herself as a top expert in her field.

Feng Shui can be a very powerful force, but its effects are magnified when we back it up with real-world action and changing our thoughts, too.

2. Place mirrors so you can view your entire face without bending, crouching or looking up awkwardly. Mirrors should not cut off the top of your head or the bottom of your chin.

When I consulted for a New York City bachelorette in a studio apartment, she mentioned that she’d just started seeing someone but wasn’t sure where it would go. Finding true love was on the list of this woman’s goals, so we wanted to use Feng Shui to increase her confidence in this area.

She already had a mirror hanging in her foyer, which is usually good Feng Shui since it opens up the space and reflects light and energy. I recommended that she move the mirror up so that she could view her entire face, and her boyfriend could do the same.

She found herself using the mirror frequently, checking her looks and flashing a big smile every morning before she left the house. She reported that the foyer felt roomier and she felt more confident and comfortable leaving the house.

3. Place Feng Shui mirrors strategically to direct the flow of chi and increase your income.

A mirror placed to the side or back of your stove can encourage positive changes to your income, self-confidence, and the attention you receive from others.

The stove is one of the three most important areas in the home and represents fame and recognition. When we add mirrors behind it, we are strengthening the chi in that trigram of the ba gua and that section of the home or apartment. Since the stove represents the fire element, using mirrors to empower this area can really help heat up your love life, too, if romance is one of your goals right now.

Finally, since the food we cook is closely linked to our health, wealth and prosperity, using mirrors to symbolically “double” our burners (and the food we cook on them) “doubles” our wealth and income opportunities.

Similarly, you can hang a mirror near your dining room table to double your nourishment which, again, represents your ability to generate income.

If you choose to add mirrors to your stove area to increase your income and boost your self-confidence to attract true love, keep glass cleaner handy. Dirty or streaked mirrors will minimize the positive effects you can get from this Feng Shui remedy.


Mirrors: Good Feng Shui, Overall

There’s a Feng Shui myth that mirrors create negative energy in the bedroom or can trap the spirits of people sleeping or startle us if we wake up in the middle of the night. In fact, mirrors can be used nearly anywhere in a home or apartment to visually open a space and boost our confidence.

If you feel the image in a bedroom mirror might startle you when you wake up, don’t hang a mirror across from your bed. But a Feng Shui mirror at the foot of the bed or on either side can help improve communication with your lover if you’re in a relationship. A mirror at the foot of the bed provides a sense of joyful expansion, completion and advancement — perfect for someone in a relationship and hoping to get married.

Mirrors are sometimes called the “aspirin” of Feng Shui for a good reason. When we have improved self-confidence, we see other areas of our life — including our ability to find love and make more money — falling into place as if by magic.

But, of course, Feng Shui isn’t magic. It’s a proven ancient science and art that works by harnessing the energy of the universe to help you achieve your goals.

Why not add a few mirrors to your space — or remove mirrors that split your image — and let me know how it worked for you? Reach me at and check out my blog for my Feng Shui tips to find true love, make more money and live the life you’ve always dreamed of having.


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