The one sentence your business needs to be truly successful

Think about all of the ways you and your business communicate with clients, potential clients and your competition. Are your current ways of communication effective, simple and informative or are you leaving people wondering what exactly it is that you can do for them. Banish those doubts and maintain integrity by adopting this one sentence your business needs to be successful.

A one sentence mission statement holds you and your employees to a set standard of excellence that showcases your skills, expertise and ability to get the job done.

While answering questions at the Born to Win Workshop, Howard Partridge expands upon the effectiveness of the one sentence mission statement he discusses in his book. Partridge offers up his own one sentence mission statement that his own service company uses as an example: “To provide the most outstanding service experience ever.”

Simple enough, right? Partridge goes on to explain the significance of that one sentence and how creating your own can keep you and your business on the right path to success.

“So many things can be done with that mission statement,” Partridge continues. Teaching your employees “just one sentence that everyone can live by” will help you “make a lot of decisions based on that mission statement.” For example, your one sentence mission statement will help you attract your desired clientele by letting potential customers know exactly what they’re getting.

“Everybody is not interested in the most outstanding service experience ever,” Partridge explains, “especially if they’re going to pay a higher price for it, but some are.” Specific mission statements that say exactly what it is that you provide help people make decisions on where they’ll be spending their money.

“You want to make that mission statement appeal to [your] target market,” Partride says. One of the most important actions a business—no matter the size—can take is to identify and cater to their intended audience. Your mission statement should entice potential clients to explore partnering with you—something you can do easily and effectively through a specific one sentence mission statement.

Partridge offers another example of a one sentence mission statement and with it, another example of the importance of adopting a powerful sentence of your own. At Phenomenal Products, their mission statement is: “To help small business owners stop being a slave to their business.” Right off the bat we know their target market is small business owners, but that sentence conveys so much more than just that.

This second sentence is a great example of one that is “benefit driven,” meaning that it clearly expresses the perks of partnering with this business. “It’s action,” Partridge says of the promise in the mission statement, “it’s what you do every single day to achieve the vision of your company and to carry out what you really want to accomplish in your business.”

Creating and implementing a one sentence mission statement will help your business attract the right demographic and bind you and your employees to fulfilling the needs of your clients. The public presence of your business will become clearer, more streamlined and more trustworthy with the adoption of the one sentence mission statement.

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