6 Life Changing Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Right Now!


1. If money weren’t an object, what would I be doing?

Doing can mean a lot of different things to. Doing for work, doing for fun, doing for fulfillment: if you didn’t have to sweat the paycheck, what would you be doing with your life?

2. Who are the people that make me happy?

Of the friends you hang out, do all of them make you happy? Do you enjoy all of your time among them? Do any of them hold you back? Which of your friends push you forward?

3. Who do I consider to be my heroes?

Who are three of the most admirable people in your world? What adjectives would you use to describe them? Can any of those adjectives pertain to you? Can you strive to be more like your heroes?

4. What would I say in my own eulogy?

If you had the privilege of writing your eulogy after you died, what do you think you would say about yourself? What would you say if, today, you died, and you had to be remembered as a person of the past? Do you like what you’d write? Is there anything you’d want to add but can’t?

5. Do I give more than I get, or get more than I give?

In relationships, do you often take more than you give?

6. What am I good at?

It’s an important question in determining what you do in life, but another important question to ask is: what are you not good at? What do you want to be good at? What could use improving?

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