How To Find The Best Sleep Position


Sleeping is a very critical part of people’s lives. Finding the best sleep position can make a huge difference in one’s health as well as having a productive next day. We present to you the pro’s and con’s of the various sleep positions you may find yourself in. It’s also a really good thing to know how each position can benefit and hinder you in the world of sleeping.

Sleeping On Your Back

Pros: A majority of doctors will agree that sleeping on your back is one of the best ways to sleep. Because your back is straight and is not forced into any weird positioning. This also aids in the health of your neck and spine.
Cons: The horrible thing that results in sleeping on your back is snoring. Sleep apnea increases when people sleep on their backs, obviously.
Sleeping On Your Side
Pro: A majority of people claim that sleeping on your side is the best way to sleep. They are right in a lot of ways. If you’re pregnant this a great way to sleep, especially if you’re sleeping on your left side. This increases heart flow, reduces heart burn, acid reflexes, and much more.
Con: Some of the more horrible things that happen when you sleep on your side is that it can put pressure on your lungs and stomach. Also, your arm might fall asleep and you might accidentally slap yourself in the face the next morning.
Sleeping On Your Stomach
Pros: There aren’t a lot of benefits to sleeping on your stomach, other than not snoring and reducing your sleep apnea.
In fact, most people will tell you that sleeping on your stomach is the worst way to fall asleep at night. It forces the natural curve of your spine to flatten, which can cause a lot of lower back pain. This also can cause you to strain your neck from having your head in an awkward position.
To give you a better representation of all the good and bad things of each sleep position, here is a picture to help better relate each pro and con to.

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