What is your vibration?

What is your vibration?
by Sabrina Reber

Your vibration is your personal energy frequency. It is a culmination of every life you have ever lived, every thought you have ever had and every action you have ever performed. It is the energy that surrounds and permeates every cell in your body. Your vibration is your divine signature, your soul essence, and it is special only to you. Just as there are no two snowflakes alike, no two souls in the entire universe have the same name or “soul signature”. That’s how incredibly unique and special you are. Your vibration is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choice of words, how well you take care of yourself, the Earth and others. The higher your vibration the more light you hold, the faster your light particles vibrate, the higher your consciousness and the stronger you are connected to your soul and God self.
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When your vibration is low, your light particles are vibrating slowly and become condensed. Your energy literally feels heavy because you are not in alignment with your soul or divine self and are mostly operating from your lower self or ego. Distorted beliefs, fear, anger, resentment, blame, guilt, jealousy, judgment, shame, addiction, unforgiveness, conditional love, lack of self worth, greed, separation consciousness and poor health keep you in very dense low vibrating energy. When you are a high vibrational being you recognize your divinity and the divinity within others. You are in alignment with your soul, which is nourished by spirit, you are vibrantly healthy and your life flows with ease and grace.

We are much more than our physical body; we are actually multidimensional, energetic, spiritual beings having a physical human experience.
It is important for us to bring into our awareness the many layers of our energetic body. This is the key to our self-empowerment. When it is brought into our awareness, our soul will begin to integrate all of the layers of ourselves bringing us into a state of wholeness. Each of us needs to become aware of who we really are and reclaim all of our energy.

When we become aware of our energetic bodies and set our intention to heal, balance and activate them, we have the potential to raise our vibration to such a point that each layer of our energetic body will unify and activate the creation of our “light body”. When this occurs we have reached a very high vibrational state where our spiritual self or God self is able to merge with our physical body. This cannot occur until we have raised our vibration high enough for divine union to occur. This is the moment of en-lighten-ment and the return to one’s true spiritual essence and identity.
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Although we identify ourselves with our physical body we are actually energy or light beings. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Every thought, word, feeling and thing is energy….everything! Things that appear to be solid are actually very tightly compacted energy particles creating a shape, form or physical matter. Our physical body, that part of us that is not eternal, is surrounded by our eternal divine essence consisting of our emotional, mental and spiritual energetic layers.
Once this occurs, we will never be the same and we will be propelled forward beginning a new more evolved journey into self-mastery and the development of our Christ Consciousness. This is the true meaning of being “reborn”. We reincarnate ourselves while in a physical body. Being reborn is a physical, energetic, blissful experience. Being reborn is not a mental concept, a belief or a desire to be a better person. It is an incredible experience where every cell in our body is flooded with light, all of our energetic fields and chakras are cleared, energetic blocks and karma is released, dormant strands of DNA are activated, our spiritual gifts are returned and our consciousness is expanded.
Being reborn is when our divine essence or God self merges with our physical body and we experience complete oneness with God and all beings. We experience our true nature, the truth of our being, which will catapult us into a new journey of self-transcendence. This is divine plan for everyone to eventually reach this state of divine union helping us to bring Heaven (Spirit) here down on Earth (Matter).

We are in the process of planetary ascension and everyone choosing to stay on this planet will raise their vibration high enough to anchor in their Spiritual self or God self. Each of us are being asked to surrender to this process allowing ourselves to be “reborn” shedding the illusions of the ego and shining light on our shadow consciousness so we can bring all of our disowned rejected parts of ourselves into wholeness. Although our spiritual self is never separated from us it does reside in a higher vibrating dimension, several feet above our head, called the spiritual realm. The Creator has given us free will and it must be our choice to choose to climb the mountain of self in order to access and activate our divine birthright of God realization. This is divine plan and bringing our higher vibrating, loving, true selves down into our physical body is how we will heal the planet. Expecting someone or something outside of ourselves to save us is dis empowering and will not get us anywhere. No one is going to save us; we have to save ourselves. We have to heal ourselves and we have to heal the planet. We have to take personal responsibility for our own vibration and salvation. We cannot give our power away anymore to the churches, the governments, the healthcare system or the financial system. Your power to change resides in yourself. You must commit to your own soul growth and spiritual development and shift your focus from trying to accomplish “things” to devotion and connection with your God self.
The mass consciousness of the planet is being bathed in high vibrational photon energy emitted from the galactic center, sun and stars. This energy is shaking our foundation, penetrating every cell in our bodies and triggering our DNA codes awakening us to our true magnificence. This very high vibrational light energy is a gift from God encouraging us to transform our denseness. Unfortunately, many people are so engulfed in the physical illusion and are vibrating at such a low rate; they are having a hard time adjusting to these higher vibrational frequencies. They are unaware of what is happening and are resisting the process of transformation and change doing everything they can to avoid the inner work necessary to raise their vibration. Anxiety, chaos, drama, war, confusion, anger, stress, rage and erratic behavior are all symptomatic of humanity’s resistance to receiving this divine light. The chaos of the world is a reflection of our own inner chaos. It’s not that we have more darkness on the planet, it’s that we have more light permeating the planet forcing the darkness within each of us to rise to the surface to be healed, transmuted and released. Each of us are going through a period of spiritual detox and investing in our spiritual self and making a conscious decision to actively participate in the raising of our own personal vibration will assist us in moving through this time period with ease and grace. Where we focus our energy is precious! If we focus our energy on spiritual development and emotional clearing we will rise in vibration and expand our consciousness. After all, it is our state of consciousness that creates our world. Expanding our consciousness goes hand and hand with raising our vibration and it needs to be our top priority if we want to enter into the Golden Age. There are many ways to raise our vibration. The most important thing we can do right now is state our intention.


The universe always follows your command and you will be amazed how quickly things start shifting for you. Please be aware that the Great Awakening is happening in large groups of people one wave at a time. If it did not happen in stages, our planet would be in total upheavel! The first and second wave have already occurred and these beings are helping to awaken those in the third and fourth waves which will culminate on December 21, 2012 and beyond. Although this blog will discuss countless ways for you to raise your vibration, stating your intention EVERYDAY, shifting your thoughts and beliefs, getting in touch with your feelings, releasing toxic emotions, integrating the ego, overcoming shadow consciousness, as well as, daily MEDITATION are the most important things you can do.


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