How can we be at peace when our world isn’t? There’s so much going on that can give us anxiety, from the state of the world to our own relationships. Here are a few things to remember when you feel the weight of the world on top of you.

1. We Are Evolving Spiritually:

A_Spiritual_Evolution1371642674As a human civilization we have come far. We were a baby civilization once with little scientific awareness. As an adolescent world we learned to master natural resources. As a maturing civilization we are now beginning to foresee our trajectory and taking stock of the harm we did so far.

The Age of Truth is within us. Our future science and technology could be far more spiritual and ethical than ever.

Let us forgive ourselves for our past mistakes and learn to move forward as a better and improved version of who we were.  Nothing is impossible so why not aim for the best and allow ourselves to come to harmony with nature. It is never too late to try.

2. There are Benevolent Beings wanting to Help:

835342-6-20110822135747-if-aliens-attack-blame-global-warmingThe entire universe is watching Earth. Beings from all over the cosmos are watching our transformation.

We are letting off so much light in the form of growth, information and awareness that it radiates throughout space.

There are many beings of love and many that follow the darkness. So many beings want to help us, they want direct contact with us but they know we are not ready.

Our collective consciousness is not at a point where physically seeing aliens wouldn’t cause us distress. They are easing into our energies, coming through as our own thoughts and subtly helping all of us along our paths.

3. We Create Our Reality:

Spiritual-EvolutionThere is no reason to take apocalyptic and doomsday theories as given just because of religious or scientific pessimism. Our reality is a projection of our minds and all our minds are interconnected.

A few positive people can have a lot more power to heal and change the world as compared to billions of unconscious individuals who think negatively.

So the next time someone paints a dark and dreary picture of the future of humanity or earth, why not use your mind to transform it into something phenomenally positive and believe in your power.

You can do it!

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