4 Meditation Tips for Those Who Can’t Get into Meditating

We hear a lot about the benefits of meditation, but when we find the time to do it, it can be hard to not distract ourselves with another outlet.

Sometimes it’s one thing to steep yourself intellectually in a subject such as meditation – you are interested in reading about it, and want to learn more about it – but actually practicing it can be a different story.

At some point, you realize that you should be incorporating these practices into your life, and may be looking for a little helpful push to get you over your hump. If so, then this article is for you. Afterwards though, stop studying so much and just do it.

Excuse #1: Where do I begin?


Well, you can start by taking the advice of the last sentence above and go for it. This isn’t your first article on meditation, so you surely have some point of reference.

The idea when you are starting meditation, an exercise routine, or anything else is to start small and take it slow. In the case of meditation, you can take it really, really slow. As in, start by just sitting there, and doing nothing.

Just like with an exercise routine or the musical instrument, once you start getting into a bit of a rhythm of practice, it will feel effortless to find time for it. After all, this is for you, and you will really enjoy it!

Excuse #2: I Don’t Have Time.

So you have a career, children, and obligations. Guess what? So does everyone else. We also all have five minutes to stop and just breathe.office-meditation

As in the example above, when you start meditation practice, it’s not going to be a full out, dive-in-head-first deal. When you’re training for a marathon, you don’t start by running 26 miles, for example.

There are simple little tricks you can also do throughout the day if you are feeling super pressed for time, such as a mindfulness meditation while eating, or any other day-to-day task such as cleaning or even just walking. Try to pay attention to the sensations you come across, and see what this focus invokes in you.

Meditation can actually save you time, once you get into a regular practice. Being more mindful will have the effect of reducing errors, which take time to fix!

Excuse #3: I Can’t Stop My Mind From Wandering.

compassion-meditationYes, we live in the real world and have to focus on real world issues. However, these issues are not always pleasant, and we don’t have to focus on them all the time. Meditation is a time to step back and get away, all while staying here.

So, your issues will be there when you get back, and you’ll have an opportunity to deal with them. For now, though, we’re focusing on you.

If you find that your thoughts are distracting and you absolutely can’t go back to the breath, then try giving yourself a few minutes at the beginning of your practice to deal with the issues you find so distracting. You can even write them down – then set them aside, and attack them with a fresh perspective when you’re done.

Excuse #4: I Get Bored And Would Rather Do Something Else.

Try to find the joy in quieting the mind. Change your perspective: it’s not ‘boring,’ it’s enlightening!meditation-geo

If you are having trouble still, there are meditative practices that are engaging, like from the first example. However, you’re past that stage by now, so try to focus on a beautiful mantra, or piece of scripture. Meditation does not have to be simply sitting there in the nothingness.

There are a variety of meditations. Guided meditations are a great way to get into the zone as well, and can be a intriguing start to developing a regular practice. Everyone is different, and you just have to find what works for you!

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