Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

manifesting-your-hearts-desire What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind. ~ Buddha

Ask and ye shall receive! As I begin to write, the words ask and ye shall receive continue to repeat and flow within my mind. This series of seemingly simple questions are now being posed to me and so I present them to you –

What do you desire? What do you wish to create? What do you wish to manifest?

The energy we exude in the form of thoughts, words and actions creates our immediate reality and affects our state of being – physically, mentally and emotionally. The intention or reasoning behind this energy plays a pivotal role in the manifestation process.

Is the intention coming from a place of love or from a place of fear?

From my perspective, there are truly two ways to view anything – through the eyes of love or through the eyes of fear. Fear comprises doubt, worry, insecurities, feelings of lack and less than. Fear resides in the lower energies, which is our human-ness or ego, and is a lower vibration. Love comes from the heart and is a higher vibration.

Recognizing that each one of us does have moments of fear and doubt as well as the other emotions, it is vitally important to honor these emotions. In other words, acknowledge what you are feeling and then allow yourself to express these emotions verbally so that they can be released rather than contained within our energetic be-ing.

This process begins with loving you and opening your heart to love. In doing so, you will discover your greatest gift of all – the deep connection to your Higher Self and inner knowingness. Coming from a place of love will offer you the ability to see everyone and everything from the higher perspective of love recognizing that everyone is indeed having their own human life experience. In addition, it will allow you the opportunity to manifest your heart’s desire from the higher vibration and intention of love rather than the lower vibration of fear and feelings of lack.

The Universal Law of Attraction is a tool for manifesting. It is based on the idea that whatever we give a lot of attention to will become part of our lives. In doing so, we are co-creating with the Universe. What you focus on becomes your reality so it is very important to pay attention to the energy of your thoughts, words, and actions.

In order to use the Universal Law of Attraction effectively and efficiently, it is imperative that you clearly identify what you want, focus your thoughts on what you have identified, and then allow it to manifest. In other words, do not block the manifestation from occurring by infusing it with doubt, worry, and fear. Also, take into consideration that you will attract what you desire if it is for your Highest and best good. Release the need to control the details of the manifestation process such as the how, the when, the why, the what, and the where aspects of it.

As you raise your vibration, creation seems to be happening very quickly as the Universe is working with you to bring your desires to fruition. Believe you are worthy to manifest it, visualize yourself experiencing it, allow the manifestation to happen without inhibiting the process, and you will manifest these desires if you are intended to. The key word is “allow.” Being clear about your heart’s desires while allowing the manifestation to occur is essential. Being mindful of the intention behind the manifestation should be continually acknowledged.

Remember to focus your attention on what you wish to manifest. Do NOT focus on what you already have that you don’t like. You are going to manifest what you are focusing on. For example, an individual may desire money to pay bills. Many times, the energy is focused on the bills, which sends the message to the Universe that you want more bills. If you wish to increase your abundance in your life, focus on abundance and affirming that your needs are met. Expressing your gratitude for what you already have is equally important.

Be conscious of the thoughts you are having. Listen to the words that you speak and know that word modification may be necessary to avoid confusion and to be clear about your intentions. Words are energy and have their own vibration. Choose to use high-vibration words rather than low-vibration words so that you will attract the outcome you desire. Express what you desire rather than your present state of be-ing. Be clear about what you mean. Avoid using the words trying or hoping when declaring what you want as it evokes doubt. Leave it out of the sentence completely. Use the words I AM whenever possible as it is a strong declaration of what you desire.

When we are in a state of bliss and peacefulness and offering gratitude daily, these feelings and emotions flow back to us effortlessly with ease. On the other hand, when we feel sad and lonely, these same feelings continue to swirl and twirl around us leaving us in this same state. This wave of energy is assisting each one of us in rapidly manifesting what we desire.

New people are coming into our lives just as people are leaving. Chaos is coming in for some people to assist them in clearing out the clutter. However, this chaos isn’t something that we should be afraid of. Rather, I encourage you to recognize it, acknowledge it and then allow it to do its work so that you can move forward with grace and ease. It may feel painful at times, but I encourage you to see the light through the proverbial darkness. This occurrence is making room for more light and goodness to enter into your life. The changes may not be comfortable either, but they are necessary for continued growth.

When feeling overwhelmed during these changes, allow yourself to be mindful of your breathing – pause, inhale, and exhale. Ground and center your energy bringing your awareness to this present moment. Rather than succumbing to the emotions that are possible, shift the energy and honor the emotions that you are feeling by acknowledging them. Then, focus your attention on raising your vibration and seeing the experiences and individuals from a higher perspective. Surrender to the Universe anything and anyone that no longer serves you or your Higher purpose so that you may choose to create the life you desire and all of its experiences consciously.

Exercise to assist you in creating your Heart’s Desire

1. Take a moment to write down your desires, dreams, and aspirations on a piece of paper. You are worthy to receive and to achieve all that you desire. A thought becomes tangible once it is written on paper. It takes form. You can see the words and touch the paper.

2. Read what you have written and see how you feel when reading it. Release the need to know the details of the manifestation such as how it will happen and when it will happen. Trust that all is as it should be in each and every moment.

3. Focus your attention on just one item on your list. In doing so, you are saying, “This is what I really desire to manifest in this moment.”

What is your intention for manifesting this particular desire? Is the intention love-based or one of lack (fear-based)?

4. Envision yourself in the flow of creation. Remind yourself that you have the ability and power to create the life you desire.

Originally published @ Om Times

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