5 Toxic Behaviors That Should Never Be Normal In Any Relationship


1. Cheating.

Affairs outside of your relationship are not normal unless you’ve established that they are. You cannot justify cheating unless you and your partner have had an open discussion about sleeping with people outside of your relationship and what the rules involved are.

2. Aggression.

Your partner should not ever resort to sexual, physical, or verbal abuse. It is never normal. It’s possible for your partner to rape you even if you are together. Anything that makes you feel hurt or wrong is not welcome in a normal relationship. If you’re the victim of abuse, national domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-7233, document the abuse and protect yourself.

3. Paranoid accusations.

It’s fine to raise concerns, but never accuse your partner of something you can’t prove. It simply isn’t healthy. It sews distrust which, in the end, will kill your relationship. Jealous, distrusting behavior is not normal in a relationship.

4. Lying.

We all tell little white lies, but the big lies aren’t normal. In one study, volunteers were asked to keep track of how often they lied. It shook out to about twice a day. Often, lying was used to prevent hurt feelings. Lying about big things creates distrust in a relationship though.

5. Talking down.

Your partner should never condescend or demean you with their language. It’s not a normal part of the relationships. It is normal for couples to argue, but those arguments should be civil in nature.

Originally published @ Higher Perspectives

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