Can You Really ‘Manifest’ Abundance?

The universe is full of wonder.  There are quasars and iPhones and Elon Musk; with all of that going on, who says there isn’t enough for you to get your slice?

Of course, the size of your slice of the pie may initially have a lot to do with blind luck–but a lot of lucky winning babies in the game of “Hooray, I got awesome, educated, rich parents!” still manage to fritter away their share, while many not-so-lucky babies grow up and refuse to make excuses. A grown-up is a person who is accountable to themselves, for themselves (and, usually, others).  People manifest abundance when they build up their knowledge and skills and maintain an attitude that is expectant of good fortune–and when the right opportunity arrives, they are ready.  Whatever your score on the luck-o-meter was at birth, there’s plenty you can do today and moving forward to encourage blessings and abundance to flow forth from the universe, straight into your wallet–ahem, heart. Okay, both.

There is very little that a keen mind and a willing spirit can’t accomplish, given some time and the liberal application of a little elbow grease, but conventional wisdom doesn’t necessarily tell us the truth about that; that’s why the Law of Attraction is called “The Secret.”

Here are a few ways known by those “in the know” to help the universe along when you are trying to attract happiness and prosperity.

1) Be Generous

My own personal belief is that, when I am generous with others, it prompts much-needed karmic blessing to flow my way, so I never hesitate to pony up when a stranger (or a friend, for that matter) asks for help.  I’m not saying I’m a saint; quite the opposite. I need those karmic brownie points and I know it, so I pounce on these opportunities to redeem myself with the universe whenever possible (no, don’t come ask me for money; just say yes when someone else asks you).

This morning, as I was driving to my awesome job at NeuroGym, stopping at a red light seemed like a bright idea, so I stopped.  Across the intersection, I saw a tired-looking man in dirty clothes standing in the median, holding a cardboard sign.  It’s a common spot for people in need to hang out, and I was curious to watch and see, from 50 feet away or so, how many (if any) of my fellow motorists would share some of the material blessings in their lives with this man.


I always thought that my routine beneficence made me rather, well, unique (in spite of my questionable motivation for being generous), so I was kind of surprised to note that, in the space of time it took the red light to turn green, no fewer than 3 drivers each handed the man a fistful of greenbacks.

Here’s the thing: One of the benefactors was driving a Lexus, one traveled via Range Rover, and another was driving a gorgeous hunter-green Porsche Carerra.

The ’92 Ford Escort passed him right up, as did what appeared to be a Soviet-era Yugo.  Now, you could argue that Yugo and Escort didn’t give because they didn’t have anything, while Lexus, Rover, and Porsche had enough to go around.  On the other hand, though, think about the mindsets of these drivers–two of them expect to be poor (and, presumably, they are), while three of them expect abundance (which presumably, they have).

Now, I don’t know anything about any of these people, other than what kind of car they drove and whether they gave money to a homeless man; maybe someone didn’t give because of his political opinions, while somebody else did because he was the homeless man’s brother.  Who knows?

What I do know is this–for the most part, you get just about what you expect out of life.  When I give money to a friend or a stranger who needs help, instead of worrying about what I could have done with that money instead, I give thanks that I have enough to be generous with others.  And you know what?  I’ve been through both thick times and thin–but I have always had more than enough!

2). Be Grateful

Are you a whiner, or a warrior?

A victim, or a victor?


When you wake up in the morning, set your mind towards the positive–be happy and grateful for what you have, and expect nothing but more good coming your way!

If you are focused on the negative, if you fret about real (or worse, imagined) problems, if you think everything is going to be hard, that you will struggle and fight for every step you take–well, I hate to say it, but you’re probably right.

With a mindset like that, how could you attract and enjoy prosperity and peace?

If you’ve  experienced real tragedy in life–and many people have, myself included–you may feel a great deal of guilt or shame, believing you don’t have the right to go on in life and be happy without your friends, the people you loved who are gone now.

The best alternative I can offer to this way of thinking is to examine this question: Who has decided that you shouldn’t be happy?


Those that are gone?  No.

Others, bystanders? No.

If you believe you don’t deserve happiness and success, then you are the only person who thinks so–and you are signing your own death certificate.

Are you and your memories really better served by bitterness and regret, or happiness and gratitude?

When you are grateful for what you have, instead of bitter about what you don’t have, you are happier, healthier–and see more favor and blessings come your way.


Take the time to examine every morning what you’ve got going for you.  It doesn’t matter how big or small you perceive that blessing to be–it could be a caring friend or family member, a cute apartment, a sexy lover, a business opportunity, awesome co-workers, or even just good food at dinner!  Whatever blessings you can find, count them, and reflect in your mind about how lucky and prosperous you are.  Look for and count the positives in your life, and your gratitude will multiply your blessings.

3). Be Creative

There’s a difference between being creative, and being good at being creative.  Was I a master of the English language in kindergarten? No, but the instant I touched my fat, Eas-E-Grip pencil down on the (preferably pink) construction paper, a writer was born.  A few decades later, I like to think I’ve improved in my craft, but I am still always, always learning.  And that’s the key to creativity–all great masters begin with their metaphorical #2’s on paper, struggling with the word, the image, the idea.

All real art is about finding a unique voice and vehicle for the expression of self.  When you’re always learning and creating, and go on to master an art, the universal source of wisdom and creativity becomes a part of you, and begins to speak with, and through, your heart.


By the time you are able to create something with which you are genuinely pleased, you will have spent so much time mastering the art and implementing your creation, that, by then, your brain will have built up a vast new network of neural circuits.  You may truly be said to have expanded your mind.

One kind of creativity begets another, and you will find you are able to solve problems in novel ways, suggest new thoughts, angles and concepts to your team members, or see things just differently enough that new opportunities that other may not see, are obvious to you.

4). Be Mindful

Have you ever tried a mindfulness practice?  There are tons of guided mindfulness meditations on YouTube, if you want to get started with some extra help and soothing forest sounds or something, but, in its essence, mindfulness is an extremely simple exercise.  It mainly consists of quietly sitting down someplace comfortable and observing your own thoughts (and not falling asleep).  For the purposes of this article, you could start off by playing around in your thoughts with the word “abundance.” If you think the word “abundance,” what thoughts follow?  Is it a word you like, and are comfortable with?  And if not, how can you expect to achieve abundance?  As these thoughts go through your mind, what other thoughts occur?

When you examine the contents of your own mind in real time, it can reveal profound truths about the state of your subconscious.  Work consciously to change negative thoughts that drag you down without your permission–these negative thoughts are often in the voices of harsh or critical family members, or other people who let us down in the past.  Instead, craft more healthy, helpful thoughts that will support you in staying positive and motivated.


5). Be Compassionate.

No, not just for your fellow human sufferer in this vale of tears–for yourself, too.  Are you your own harshest critic? Do you judge yourself to an extent you would never even dream of judging another?  Well, how about this: stop it.  Stop telling yourself that you are undeserving, bad, incapable, incompetent, or whatever is your flagellation vocabulary of choice.  Because you’re not.  You’re just as good as anybody else, and you deserve a chance at health, happiness and prosperity, too.

If you knew another person who had gone through everything that you have, would you be as critical of them (to their face) as you are of yourself?  Would that be helpful to that other person, having someone standing over them all the time, telling them what a jerk they are?

So, why do you imagine it is helpful to go around criticizing yourself all of the time, in this manner?

Stop it.  Every time you catch yourself having a negative thought about who you are, or what you should have or not have–state its opposite to yourself three times.  You’ll live an extra decade.

6). Be Positive

You can’t be positive all of the time around a bunch of toxic, depressing or abusive Negative Nancy’s.   Find, and surround yourself with, people who are doing constructive things with their lives, who have optimistic, hopeful outlooks, and helpful, upbeat attitudes.  If you have a Toxic Tommy floating around in your periphery, pull the plug on that psychic vampire’s lifeblood: your attention.  You are too busy attracting joy and abundance to wast your life on someone else’s emotional roller coaster.  Get off the ride and go get yourself some cotton candy–so bright and fluffy! Much better!


7).  Repeat as Necessary

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” –Fitter and fitter. –Richer and richer. –Happier and happier.  Switch out adjectives as appropriate and/or necessary.

It’s your life.  You decide how happy and blessed it’s going to be.  Now, go get ’em, tiger!

Originally published by Jamie Kaufold @ My Neruo Gym

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