The Triad – Physiology, Focus, Language – Anthony Robbins

The Triad – Physiology, Focus, Language – Anthony Robbins

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Tony says, ‘The Triad – The three patterns that create any emotion.’

1 – Your Physiology (What you do with your body)

Emotion is created by motion.  Whatever you’re feeling right now is related to how you’re using your body.

Stand up!  Reach your arms up in a big swinging motion and breath in deeply.


March in place

2 – Your Focus and Beliefs

Whatever you focus on you’re going to believe.  Focus equals reality to the individual, even though it’s not reality in actuality.

Change your focus.

Find reasons to be grateful.

Picture your world as it would be.

3 – The Language You Use

Questions: Thinking is nothing more than mentally asking and answering a series of questions.


Eliminate any habitual questions that do not serve you.


Ex:  ‘Why does this always happen to me?’


WordsIf you want to change your life, pay attention to the words you repeat to yourself.


Certain words can change the way you feel.


Ex: ‘I think you’re mistaken; I think you’re wrong; I think you’re lying!’


IncantationsWhen you repeat a phrase with enough emotional intensity, you start to believe it.


Utilize the power of incantations by using the ones that support you the most.

Ex:  ‘All I need is within me now.’

‘Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.’

‘With each and every breath I take; with each and every stride; I feel abundant centered joy and love from deep inside.’

Get into the habit of evaluating your triad and conditioning yourself to experience the great emotions you want.

  • What are you doing with your body?
  • What are you focusing on or believing?
  • What are you saying to yourself?

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