How to throw away your negative self-talk right now

NST1We often find ourselves criticizing our performance and appearance for years and years. How has that worked out for you? Chances are, it hasn’t. How about you try reframing your words and telling yourself that you can do it and see what happens?

When you finally learn to throw out that negative self-talk, you finally learn to love yourself and accept your flaws and
shortcomings as what they are instead of using them as a crippling crutch. Just because they are there doesn’t mean all of your positive aspects need to be ignored.

When you do this, you hide behind these excuses in order to justify not going after your goals and taking it out on yourself. You speak terribly about yourself because of low self-esteem, but yet are still trying to improve yourself.




The problem here is, you are probably setting unrealistic expectations and standards, so you are right off the bat setting yourself up for failure.

Here are eight ways you can immediately throw away your negative self-talk and become a better and much more positive person.

1. Journaling

2. Eliminating “should,” “must,” and “have to”No-negative-self-talk

3. Smiling

4. Saying yes to yourself and no to others

5. Accepting that we don’t all have to like each other

6. Asking how a decision makes you feel

7. Setting achievable goals and then celebrating the progress

8. Walking away

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