5 Reasons We Attract Negative Energy & How To Get Rid Of It In 60 Seconds

feature_image_tem14545123plateHave you ever found yourself stuck in a rut that you just can’t seem to get out of for whatever reason?  Things are going well in life, you’ve not much to complain about, but maybe something traumatic happened not long ago and you can’t seem to shake the effect it’s had on you.

Oftentimes we carry around negative energies without even recognizing that we’re doing it.  Negative energies are heavy and thick, and your vibration will reflect this.  But it is possible to get rid of these energies, and we’ll tell you how.

Here are five ways we attract negative energies and how we can get rid of them:

You have a constant need to win or to be right

Always wanting to fight and compete to show your power, talent or knowledge is unauthentic.  These qualities are naturally unassuming.

To counter it: Fortify the Solar Plexus Chakra by patting the center of the stomach while saying aloud five times: “I feel my power. I claim it now.”  Imagine a stunning golden light coming from your stomach and embrace it as your place your hands on the pit of the stomach.

You struggle to control your emotions and their intensity

People notice when other people’s vibrations are off or low.  If you’re constantly shifting moods and emotions, your vibration will drop.

To counter it: Use the fingers to tap the middle of the chest while saying aloud “All is well.”  This helps promote positive energy.

Placing blame on everyone but yourself

Blaming others for the place you find yourself in now isn’t helping you at all, in fact, it’s making things worse.

To counter it: Massage the heart chakra as you work to forgive and love yourself as well as everyone else.  As you massage in a clockwork fashion, repeat five times, “I deeply and completely love, honor, and forgive myself and others. I easily and effortlessly feel gratitude, forgiveness, and joy for all that I have been through.”

When you’re quick to speak instead of thinking first

Be sure of your words before you speak them, as you may be creating negative energy without even knowing.  Consider what the words mean to others before you say them.

To counter it: Responsiveness is more welcome than reactiveness.  With everything in life, pause and think before speaking; figure out the best way to come from a place of love and understanding.

You’re not doing what you love

Finding a passion in this world can be difficult, but if you’re not spending your time doing the things you love, you’re only bringing yourself down (and subsequently, those around you as well).

To counter it: Find something that you love doing and try to do it every day, regardless of if it’s big or small.  Pursuing your passion will provide you with more opportunities and experiences.

Originally published @ Expanded Consciousness

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