Spiritual Awareness Can Heal: ThetaHealing Meditation Explained

One of the most powerful energy-healing techniques, ThetaHealing® is a process of meditation that we believe creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brain wave. While in a pure Theta state of mind, we are able to connect to the Creator of All That Is through focused prayer.

It is through the Creator of All That Is that I learned how to create physical healing, progress spiritually, and find a path to enlightenment. ThetaHealing® was born and proved its validation to me through what I believe to be the spontaneous healing of my leg.

We all have different motivation for learning something like ThetaHealing®. Some people are searching for knowledge, some are merely curious, and others have less altruistic motives. But the majority of people who learn it are pure of heart and seeking to expand ability that are lying dormant in their mind. This is what ThetaHealing® is designed to do, teach people how to harness their psychic abilities through spiritual awareness.

The Planes of Existence gives us the conceptual framework for understanding how and why creation works on the physical and spiritual levels, and how it relates to us on all levels of our being, mentally, spiritually, psychically, physically, and emotionally. It is important to understand the Planes of Existence because it is the definitive philosophical guide to the art of ThetaHealing®.

I believe that there are Seven Planes of Existence. They are the seen and unseen forces of the cosmos that define different dimensions of this universe and those beyond it. They are so vast that the human mind must be in abstract state to comprehend them. The Theta State of mind enables us to perceive these inexplicable forces in all their majesty through the Creator of All That Is.

Each of the Planes has its own particular energy, which is best described as a vibration. The frequency of vibration is what makes the planes different from one another and the spiritual and physical inhabitants of the planes different as well. The higher the frequency of the vibration, the faster the atoms move. These vibrations are the essence of life in all its forms.

The Seven Planes of Existence: 

The Seventh Plane of Existence: This is the plane of the Creator of All That is. This is the level you reach for the highest manifesting, instant healings, and readings. This is the place of safety and love, the place of, “it just is.”   The Seventh Plane of Existence is the “All That is” energy that flows through all things to create life. It is defined as a sub-atomic level, and is the energy that makes the quarks, protons, and neutrons that in turn make up the nucleus of an atom. When going to the Seventh Plane, you can utilize all the energies of all the Planes of Existence. When going to the Seventh Plane of Existence you have the realization that you are part of All That Is, that you are not separate from God.

The Sixth Plane of Existence: This is the Plane of Existence of the laws that create the very fabric of the universe, such as the Law of Time, the Law of Magnetism, the Law of Gravity, the Law of Light and may more.

The Fifth Plane of Existence: This is the Plane of Existence of the ascended Masters, such as Jesus Christ, and the Buddha. This is the Plane of Existence of the divine and semi-divine beings; it is divided into different levels of frequency of vibration and consciousness.

The Fourth Plane of Existence: The Fourth Plane of Existence is the realm of the spirit, where people exist after death, and where out ancestors go in waiting. This is what some people would consider the “spirit world”.

The Third Plane of Existence: This is the Plane of Existence of the reality of humans and other life forms. In part, we have created this reality to be utilized by us. It is on this plane that we have the challenge of being governed by emotions, instinctual desires and passions, and the reality of being in the human body in the physical world. This is the plane of protein-based life forms.

The Second Plane of Existence: The Second Plane of Existence consists of organic material; vitamin, plants, trees, fairies and elementals. The molecular structure of the Second Plane contains the first structure of a carbon molecule, making it organic matter. Minerals are non-organic and vitamins are organic; both are essential for life to occur.

The First Plane of Existence: The First Plane of Existence consists of all non-organic material on this earth, all the elements that make up this earth in its raw form, and all the atoms on the Periodic Table before they start to bind to carbon basis. The First Plane of Existence is the minerals, the crystals, the soils and the rocks.

{Image credit: Greg Rakozy, Unsplash}

Originally published @ Maria Shriver

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