The YES Frequency

Yes Frequency

by Gary Quinn

The-Yes-Frequency trimmedThere is a vibrational frequency inside your words, similar to the way your voice has a particular tone and the music of your tone influences how people react to you. The vibration and a frequency inside your words dictates how the universe perceives your intentions.

In teaching The YES Frequency, and searching for how best to formulate and share this technique, I first thought it pertinent to consider the word YES itself . So I pulled out a dictionary, and here is the definition of the word:

Yes (ys) adv.

It is so; as you say or ask. Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive confirmation, or consent. n. pl. yes·es

1. An affirmative or consenting reply.

2. An affirmative vote or voter.

tr.v. yessed, yes·sing, yes·es

To give an affirmative reply to.


Used to express great satisfaction, approval, or happiness.

It is interesting to read the actual definitions of the words we use every day. The techniques I use in this book will unravel the patterns of your vocabulary and show you how every single word you choose now forecasts your future. What awaits you if you are willing to trust the unlimited frequency of YES will be an extraordinarily rewarding life, one that has unlimited possibilities. The YES Frequency embodies all the “hopes and dreams” of your life.

We are not talking about saying yes to any negative issues, situations, or happenings—obviously, that would be counterproductive. The mind is a complicated animal; it is always trying to make a judgment or attachment to each thought and experience, cataloging it as a good or bad one. We need to move beyond this instinct.

Originally published @ Om Times


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