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mantra_OMTimesLet’s look at “the word.” It seems so trivial to simply look at the word. Yet, according to the bible … the beginning came from the word. What was the word? The word was with God. Looking deeper now into this, the word is actually light and sound vibrations; a frequency to explain in general terms. Therefore, expanding even bigger, God created everything with the word which means a word or any word spoken is truly from God, of God, through God and with God. This article was inspired by a video I watched from Dr. Baskaran Pillai.

LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!  And there was. Again the word light brought light into being. Matter…….the light was formed into an actuality. So suddenly, there was light. This whole idea is quite a concept!!! It is quite a reality and…quite an illusion. The word creates our 3d reality here on earth. Of course, this reality is really an illusion as no-thing exists as matter for it is just spinning particles.

As we look deeper into this, we see that every word has a power within it to take something of nonexistence and shape into existence. Therefore each word is really a mantra. A mantra is a word or phrase spoken to create a shift in the consciousness and to open to a greater awareness and purity of being. It has the power to create a result. It will help you manifest the word that you say and bring it into form. It’s just the Law of the Universe and it cannot be changed. It’s God’s Law.

So why do we need to be wise with our words? It is because the word carries a great energy and a movement into being. It will structure your life in whatever pattern you speak…….and think.



Think about this……………when you state something with the words I AM whatever comes after the I AM is like a sacred contract that you sign through whatever words you have after I AM. You are calling in the I AM PRESENCE; the most powerful perfect you and creating an etheric agreement.

Here is an example, create a mantra to say daily I AM HAPPY. Say it 108 or 1008 times a day and you will create that happiness. You are claiming as God and to God; the highest you, that you are happy and the word is created in to form. Everything equal to that word and that feeling will come into play into your life. The universe will transpire to your asking, and you will feel that way.

Now, I will take it a step further. Besides using I AM in front of a word, you can work with special words that are energized by yogis, gurus, enlightened masters, saints, and holy masters. Those are mantras as well. Some are one single word while others are several words linked together through a vibrational energy only known to the secret of the one who brought this sound into this world. I am speaking of mantras which come from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. They are embedded and encoded with mystical magical rhythms of the cosmos and create massive changes when spoken outloud, softly, simply thought and/ or written. When you speak these words over and over; speaking them with clarity, repetition and emotion which is called chanting, you open a doorway to really connect with the word. When you write the mantras, you are grounding them onto the paper and using not only the mind but the body too. I learned this teaching through Dr. Baskaran Pillai. If you really want to make massive changes in your life, working with those energized words will do it. Through chanting and writing mantras daily you will feel, see and experience a massive shift of divine movement flowing into your life. I have experienced massive shifts in my life by working with these mantras. Try it today.

Here is one that I love to chant and write; Shreem; the sound of wealth connected to the energy of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. It will change your life connecting to this quantum sound. Write it or chant it 108 or 1008x today and watch for miracles to begin to shower you in your life. I have experienced immense changes through this vibration. It takes just a moment to set a new cycle in motion.

Our intention creates our reality -Wayne Dyer

Look within, and decide you will transform yourself with words, and take a step and connect to this mantra. Allow the mantras to create the miracles for your manifestations. Who knows what joy awaits you today!!!!

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