5 harmful ways you are diminishing your leadership skills

5 harmful ways you are diminishing your leadership skills

Make sure you aren’t hurting your skills by trying too hard.When you go through your career, you’ll come face to face with traps that actually hinder you from developing your leadership skills instead of helping them.Here are five harmful ways that companies are diminishing your leadership skills.

1. Promotion without development

People can get placed in higher positions without actually doing anything different. This gives them the misconception that they are in a newer leadership role.

2. Measuring leadership incorrectly

If standards aren’t set for leaders, you are second-guessing if you are fitting your role correctly.

3. Lack of ongoing development

If a unit as a whole isn’t developing, you aren’t showing any flexibility in your leadership skills.

4. Leaders hold back future leaders

Sometimes it is other people within the company that are too micromanaging or unbearable to let younger leaders just let go and take charge.

5. No support from the top

If people aren’t fostering a supportive, developmental environment for leadership, it won’t expand.

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