Raise the Vibration of Your Food

Bless Your Food with a Code to Raise the Vibration

vibration-food_OMTimesRaise the Vibration by Blessing your food with a Code?

Learn the importance of the vibration of food and how raising its vibration can be done quickly.

In childhood many of us were taught to bless our food as we sat at the dinner table and be thankful for what was set before us.  We thanked God for the meal and often made some additions to the prayer over our food like a blessing for a dear friend or family member.

Is this something you still do?  Are you embarrassed to do it in public or in front of friends? Are you afraid someone will think you are weird?  I have been there.  I have sat in the fear of discovery, ridicule or resentment; never experiencing the importance or even knowing how important it is to bless our food. When I did, others often, with hunger pains comment something about brevity.

Think about your food for a few minutes.  You go to the supermarket, market, store, Co-op to pick out your food or dine out at a local restaurant.   What energy or vibration has your food come in contact with before you ingest it?

Let’s look at something simple, a bag of mixed salad containing two types of lettuce, carrots, radishes and red cabbage.  Not to pick on the salad industry, I could have chosen a can of soup or piece of meat.

Before the lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, and radishes makes it to the store or restaurant a lot has occurred.  It started as seed, where did it come from?  How was the provider of the seed treated while the seed was forming?  Was it sprayed with chemicals?  Was the soil pure and full of nutrients?  How was it cultivated?  Were the seeds from the parent plant harvested with Love? Were they handpicked or by a machine? Was the machine operator happy or miserable because they were separated from their family or needed more income to survive or ill with cancer?  Too much, it gets deeper.

How was the piece of earth where the seed planted treated?  How was it planted? Was the ground pure; was the person doing the planting happy?   Were there enough nutrients in the soil to grow a healthy plant or were artificial fertilizers or pesticides added to produce a beautiful looking plant?  How was the plant cultivated?  Was the farmer full of Love for the earth and the plants that would be harvested?

What type of machine picked the vegetables? Was the driver happy? How was it processed, cleaned and bagged and how many hands and machines did it have to pass through before it was bagged up?   What about the bag?  Who made the bag and the processing and farm equipment? Were they made with Love?  What about the truck driver, and the truck that hauls all the bags of salad to the supermarket?

What about the person in the supermarket or restaurant who handled the salad mix?  Were they happy?  Were they having a good day?

When analyzed your food comes in contact with a plethora of conditions, emotion frequencies during the growth and production process.  When you eat you take in the energy of your food.

Back to the farmer who was growing plants to harvest seed to resell.  Before sowing the seed the earth was worked with machines.  Supposed one of the machines broke down and the farmer in fits of temper cursed the machine that would hold the seed to plant in the ground.  Bad vibrations

Now, the same farmer sows the seed in the earth and spends many hours doing so and was in an argument in the morning with a spouse or friend.  That farmer carries that emotion into the fields where seed are being planted.  What if pesticides or fertilizers were added.  It changes the frequency too.  OK, lets picture the plants, earth being pesticide and fertilizer free which is how I like my vegetables – Organic.

The farmer, because it is his own land, looks out across the field with love, or could it be worry because rains have not come and a drought is eminent.  What if it is a commercial field filled with lower paid workers who are upset. Their energy – their vibration – is in the field.

The Vibration of Food – You get the picture don’t you?

Moving onto meat, the fear and terror of slaughter is an energy that the meat retains along with the energies of the meds, food, people and chemicals the animal was exposed to before it ends up on your table.

So, when we say a blessing over the food we eat, consider blessing your food whether plant or animal from the time it was a seed and before, back through the genetic line. Bless the earth where it was raised or grown. Bless the machines and packing material.  Bless every person from the time they were a seed until now and back through their genetic line, past present and future, that has come in contact with your food over the course of it’s life, before it landed on your plate. Ask for it to be in the highest and best condition for your body and that you take in the nutrients you need and release the rest.  In my blessing I add less is more, meaning I will be fuller on less food and it works for me.

Blessing the entire process shows love and gratitude for many life forms and helps us become more mindful human beings.

Sound daunting or too much work for your food?  Are you thinking about eating out and being in a hurry that you don’t have time to bless your food.

Make a code.  No, I am not kidding.   Make your Blessing script exactly how you want it to be said and attach a code to it in advance to raise the vibration.  That way Creator or God knows exactly was to do for you when you say the code.

For example,  “Creator know that the code  “Star1” means the following when ever I say it: Fill this food with Unconditional Love, good health and joy and bless every plant, animal and person that was involved with this meal from the time it was a seed back through its genetic line until now, and into the future that it  nourish my body in the highest and best way.  Allow my body to absorb all the positive nutrients I need and release the rest with grace and ease.  Bless the land from which it came, all the  the machines and packaging materials  in the highest and best way.  Less is more.  Thank you, it is done show me.”    Then visualize the entire process in your mind (this will happen very quickly, sort of like thumbing a deck of cards) Say the prayer, with intent and believe that God will do just so for you.

Then when in a hurry which can be often or in a public place you can say “Star1” and have your food and all that has ever been in contact with it blessed with Unconditional Love, good health and joy in the highest and best way.   I must add when I have time, out of respect I do go through the entire process of blessing my food.  By blessing your meals and drinks your food will have a much higher frequency and you will notice a change.  Our intentions can change the world.

(Must add, I have codes for dead animals along the road to remove shock, trauma and pain and send love to their soul in their highest and best.  Look at an obituary page and have a code to bless all that died. Also codes for healthy people and animals.  In a quantum way I see it happen and it does. The possibilities are endless.)

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