Developing Your Extra Sensory Communication

Develop Your Extra Sensory Communication

By Jill M. Jackson

extra-sensory-communication_OMTimesFor many years, people have demonstrated the ability to communicate independent of the five senses.  As we began the 21st century, there was a rise in the study of parapsychology; the study of psychological phenomena not explicable by science. Telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyance are the main areas studied by parapsychologists. Mediumship and psychometry are other examples of sensory perceptions which do not adhere to the physical laws of science.

Many of us have experienced moments of intuition or gut instincts.  As life occasionally becomes more challenging, and some of our preconceived notions of what reality truly is are crumbling, this enables us to open our minds to exploring alternative means to derive an answer to a question we may have.

This article will discuss and explore the various types of extra sensory communication and may assist you in recalling memories of occasions when you observed this intuitive modality in yourself or others.


6 Types of Extra Sensory Communication


Clairaudience is the ability to hear things outside the natural range of perception.  Psychics who have the gift of being clairaudient are able to hear music, voices, bells, knocking, and other sounds, that those who are around them and don’t possess this gift, are unable to hear. Many times loved ones who have crossed over to another realm choose to communicate with their family and friends in this manner. Loved ones have reported feeling a sense of peace after hearing these inexplicable sounds coming from beyond this dimension.



Some people refer to Claircognizance as a “gut instinct”. It actually is the ability to have an intrinsic knowing without a physical explanation as to why you have this knowledge. If someone is describing a situation and you “just know” this circumstance is not good for them, you are demonstrating the ability of claircognizance.  Another example of this gift occurs when someone knows geographical data without having studied advanced geography, or they may know a certain scientific theory without exploring or researching the science being discussed.


Many times, loved ones on the other side choose to communicate by bringing forth the smells that were connected to them while they were here on this earth plane. Clairescence is the ability to smell things that are not coming from what is considered a typical smell in this 3rd dimension.  Some psychics are able to smell cigarette smoke, for example, even though no one in the room is smoking. Others have reported being able to smell colognes or perfumes emanating from their loved ones who have crossed over.



Clairvoyance is to perceive or intuit information by way of seeing auras, colors, images, or symbols without using the normal senses. This is accomplished by using your third eye, which is located slightly above your eyes on the forehead. Some psychics who are clairvoyant have reported seeing visions in their mind’s eye just as they would witness on a television or movie screen.  Meditation enhances your ability to accomplish this psychic ability. A psychic can be clairvoyant without being a medium.



Mediumship is defined as the ability to communicate and relay information from the spirit world. A medium should be able to provide solid evidence that they are actually communicating with the spirit of a deceased friend or relative.  Often times, mediums are informed of the actual name or the initials of the spirit who is attempting to communicate. Other evidentiary examples are when the spirit shows the medium a mental picture of what they looked like when they were in physical form.  The majority of the time, the experience is quite cathartic, as the seeker knows his or her loved one is doing well, or questions can be asked and answered that may not have been resolved prior to the loved one crossing over.



When a psychic holds an object belonging to the seeker, and they are able to communicate facts and data not otherwise known, this is called psychometry.  Everything is comprised of energy.  Objects are able to hold energetic vibrations in certain forms. Psychometry is one of the most fascinating yet least known of the extrasensory perceptions. It is also one of the easiest ways to begin your journey towards clairvoyance.


Ask for volunteers to help you practice.  Begin by holding an object of the person’s, such as a ring or watch. The more they have this object in their energy field, the stronger the connection should be.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, keep a clear mind and do not focus on anything but the object. Words, symbols, or scenes will begin to come into your mind.  Relay any and all information you receive to the person you are interacting with.  It is very important that you do not filter anything that comes to your mind. When you begin to filter, or question the information coming through, your own ego will become involved in the process and this is not the desired result.  As with anything new, you will notice improved clarity with practice.

You may be thinking these tools have no real benefit for you as you are not planning on becoming the next Nostradamus.  Not true!  As you quiet your mind and begin to pay attention to that feeling you get or the inner knowing you have in an important situation, you are closer to being able to trust your journey and learn who you are on an authentic soul level.

As you practice harnessing your own intuition, the psychic readings you receive usually become deeper and more meaningful. The majority of psychics and psychic mediums are encouraged by their clients learning to meditate and exercising their individual intuitive connections. The most appealing bond that forms between psychic and seeker is both nurturing and healing, and has the potential to create profound growth for both individuals.  As awareness spreads and our individual extrasensory abilities deepen, the evolution of the collective consciousness expands.


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