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Your End of Year Guide: Gifts, Feasts, and Final Projects

What makes a successful year’s end?

Some of us will immediately begin to consider our careers and accomplishments. Many will first think of family and friends, and the memories we have created.

Others will enjoy planning the holiday with lists of gifts to please their loved ones and menus for feasts and parties.

Each of these is a valid and powerful way of evaluating the end of the year and the months ahead.

There’s so much to organize as we move into the holiday season. There are career goals to achieve, budgets to balance, and gifts to purchase or make. Many of us will be traveling while others will be preparing our homes to welcome guests.

And, once together for the holidays, we have new concerns of communication and relationships with family and friends, taking care of ourselves, and giving back to others.

If you’re feeling a little lost already, there’s no need to worry. In this article, we’re giving you some of our best tips to manage the stress the end of the year can offer and come out on the other side thriving.

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