The Difference Between Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing

The Difference Between Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing

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One of the questions I get asked the most is, “What is the difference between Reiki and your Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions?” so I thought I’d write about it to share some further insights. Please keep in mind that my explanation below is specific to my practice and it’s the way I categorize my services. I’m sure other practitioners in the field have their own way of interpreting their services.

Reiki is the most basic form of channeled energy healing. It is the foundation of safe energy healing practices. Without learning Reiki, the structure it provides, and of course, it’s attunements, it makes it difficult for someone to know how to practice energy healing responsibly. I get asked quite often, “Don’t you get tired after energy healing sessions? Are you giving your energy away?” And sometimes the sweetest clients say, “I’m worried that the work you’ll have to do on me will tire you out and that you’ll absorb all my negative crap.”

The answer is no. If I am practicing channeled energy healing, which means, the energy that I am using during the treatments is from the Universe’s power station so to speak, it will not tire me out. What I am doing instead is, going to the designated energy bank and acting as a channel between you and that energy reserve to pass on pure, clean, untouched energy to you. Imagine you’ve pulled up your car at a petrol (gas) station, and the service staff is ready to fuel up your car. In that analogy, your car is your body, I am the petrol service staff and my job is to pump fuel (energy) into your body.

So Reiki is the most basic form of channeled energy healing. It’s like selecting the “Regular” petrol option that could work with any car. It is supportive in filling up your car and getting you to places you wish to be. It might not be super fitting for cars that require some more attention, but nonetheless, it’s supportive. In this case, what I’m trying to say is, Reiki is supportive to anyone. You could be in great health, great spirits, and a Reiki session could give you an extra boost of energy. You could be somewhat stressed out and a Reiki session could serve to calm your energy field, helping you feel more relaxed when other hurdles come along the way. It could help release tension in your body, providing tension relief, preventing or assisting with ongoing headaches, migraines, and other muscle tension issues.

The more advanced, safe energy healing practices which fall under my Intuitive Energy Healing label are for more specific treatments. Think of it as getting the “Super” or “Supreme’ types of gasoline back in that petrol (gas) station analogy. It consists of a blend of more advanced energy healing such as deep Emotional Energy Healing, where we focus on healing old emotional wounds, and emotional blocks, releasing suppressed emotions so that they don’t stay in your body. As you may know, I’m a big advocate of emotional health as I strongly believe that suppressed emotions can affect our subconscious and the manifestation of physical pains and illnesses.

Within Emotional Energy Healing, I also look out for emotional cords, which are energy cords created between you and another person who shares a very strong negative emotional frequency on the same level (such as fear, jealousy, sadness, anger, and grief). When an emotional cord is formed, it is common for each person to feel a heightened sense of negative emotions for an extended period and begin to feel less like themselves, less in control of their emotions and sometimes even powerless. For example, an emotional cord formed due to extreme sadness between two people could lead to symptoms of or actual depression over time. Part of my Emotional Energy Healing treatments include the removal of these emotional cords so that both individuals can healthfully break free from trading negative emotions with each other and bonding over it. Instead, each individual is able to take ownership of their own energy and emotions once again. Emotional cord-cutting is a two-session treatment, spaced 1 day apart at a minimum, and 7 days apart maximum. Emotional energy healing is what I tend to do most with clients who are more empathic (more sensitive to other people’s energies and tend to absorb other people’s emotions quite easily).

Also within my Intuitive Energy Healing practice, I work on Aura Healing. Every single person has an auric field. A healthy aura can radiate up to 7 feet away from a person’s physical body. How cool is that? If you’re sitting in the corner of a busy restaurant and a person with a very healthy aura walks in, heads will probably turn to take a look at the person as he or she is probably shining from inside out. All the makeup, clothing, and such in the world can’t manipulate the effects of a naturally healthy aura. With a healthy aura, you’re able to have a stronger energetic boundary, fending off low vibrations, toxic energy, energy vampires (people who tend to take energy from you), and even some physical germs. Aura Healing helps us create and protect strong energy and is also wonderfully helpful to speed up recovery from injuries, illnesses, or surgeries.

Intuitive Energy Healing is three to five times more effective than Reiki so you’ll likely need fewer treatments compared to Reiki, depending on your focus of course.

Here’s a list of a few conditions that are especially supportive through Intuitive Energy Healing (and that I’ve had experience in working with):

  • Chronic illnesses and diseases such as cancers

  • Chronic fatigue including adrenal fatigue

  • Chronic pain and discomforts such as frozen shoulders, hip, knee issues even after medical attention and treatment

  • Chronic injuries (i.e constant ankle sprains)

  • Heart conditions such as heart attacks

  • Neurological issues such as strokes

  • Digestive issues and disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease

  • Mental Health Issues such as depression, chronic anxiety, health anxiety, bi-polar disorder

  • Insomnia

  • Victims/survivors of narcissistic abuse

  • Pre and post-surgery healing and recovery

  • Post-chemotherapy, radiation treatments to reduce discomforts and swelling for better recovery

  • Healing of old and recent emotional wounds

  • Release of emotional blockages

  • Emotional energy support through difficult transitions such as separation, divorce, and loss.

  • Healing from long periods of stress and exhaustion

  • Those who seem to lack empathy and have issues with being connected with their emotions and body.

  • Those looking to increase their emotional and energetic boundaries.

And the list goes on.

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