A Fresh Perspective on Grief – Dr John Demartini

  Understanding Mourning: A Cross-Cultural Exploration Mourning, the process of grieving the loss of a loved one, is a deeply personal experience that varies across cultures and traditions. From ancient rituals to modern practices, mourning customs offer insight into the diversity of human expression and the universal need for healing. Let’s embark on a journey […]

2020 Business Owner Mindset Report

Study reveals business owners have the will, but need to find the way   “Business is a sport for gladiators, not the faint of heart.” The business world is a fast-paced, constantly changing arena – one where only the strongest gladiators survive. It takes a truly unique person to jump into this arena, confident and […]

How to Get Out of Depression – MarcusNeo.com

Our decision making in all areas of life comes from unconscious aspects of our minds. If there’s something you are overly anxious or numb about, there may be an underlying emotion that you’ve repressed or are unconscious about. If you’re constantly unhappy, or constantly in toxic relationships with your friends and family members, then perhaps […]