Conscious Healing for Healers

The 12 Archangels Conscious Healing for Healers Spiritual healers of the human body, mind and spirit need to have the finesse to quickly move their egos into a still and quiet place so that their clear and accurate intuition can see where transformation is most needed. Achieving the ability to dissolve the ego-self “on-demand” may […]

Plugging Into Creative Genius

Plugging Into Creative Genius by Michael Neill | Apr 4, 2016 Originally published @ Michael Neill   [themify_button style=”large green embossed rounded” link=”” ]Looking for more? Raise your vibration with a free assessment or session with us. Click here[/themify_button] [themify_button style=”large Blue rounded embossed” link=”” ]For any computer support and website enquiries. Click here[/themify_button]

How Introverts and Extroverts Are Different

Introverts and extroverts don’t always understand each other. But science has revealed physiological differences between the two that help explain their differences in behavior and shed light on our misconceptions about them both.   Brain of introverts va. extroverts LADY GEG’S BLOGSPOT – BLOGSPOT.COM An extroverted brain’s dopamine reward system responds more actively than an […]